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Arason Enterprises keeps their strong focus on great sleeping and inspired convenience. Their exclusive line of bedroom products includes cabinet beds and ideal convenient furnishing. Innovative furniture-maker Arason Enterprises of Annapolis, Maryland has taken furniture to the next level with its commitment to creativity. Their cabinet beds are a terrific solution as occasional beds when room space is limited. Arason Enterprises keeps their strong focus on great sleeping and inspired convenience.

The Arason's murphy bed is the latest innovative cabinet-style bed from Arason Enterprises. In just seconds, this attractive and compact piece of furniture opens up to a queen size! This is perfect for small spaces like studio apartments, vacation condos, or any small room in your home that serves as guest quarters! The Murphy Bed also offers valuable living space when folded away into its cabinet design - it really maximizes the efficiency of size among other things!

Arason Enterprises has created a signature cabinet bed that combines the functionality of a murphy bed with an elegant, minimalist design. The new Arason Cabinet Bed is perfect for those living in small apartments or anything else without room to spare. Arason Enterprises' cabinet beds are the perfect economical alternative to a murphy bed. The new models have been designed for ease of use and they can fit in any small room, such as an apartment or your guest bedroom.

Arason Enterprises' signature murphy cabinet beds incorporate a fold-away bed into a drawer. As the economical alternative to a murphy bed, it has been perfect for the city, small apartment, or in any small room that serves as a guest room. The new cabinet beds from Arason Enterprises are designed for ease of use.