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Eastern King (1)

Finish or Color

Black (49)
Blue (31)
Brown (51)
Dark Brown (9)
Gray (86)
Green (8)
Light Brown (39)
Orange (13)
Purple (8)
Red (15)
White (10)


Fabric (119)
Faux Leather (1)
Glass (12)
Leather (34)
Metal (118)
Microfiber (0)
Polyester (12)
Vinyl (4)
Wood (139)

Sofa Type

Chair (67)
Loveseat (77)
Sectional Sofa (12)
Sofa (93)

Product Type

Dining Chairs (19)
Dining Tables (16)
Folding Bed (4)
Sofas (249)


Alpha Furniture (288)

Price Range

$0 to $249.99 (12)
$250 to $499.99 (121)
$500 to $749.99 (124)
$750 to $999.99 (11)
$1000 to $1499.99 (18)
$1500 to $1999.99 (2)

Alpha Furniture

Alpha Furniture is your one-stop-shop for premium furniture. We have teamed up with the leading manufacturers in order to showcase our quality, style, and affordability; we are committed to you as a customer by offering an expanded line of goods that meets all of your needs whether it be small or large scale orders! Alpha Furniture is committed to providing a stable of high-quality products for our valued customers. We carefully selected manufactures that are also dedicated to their work and we hope you enjoy the items offered through Alpha's online store!

In a rapidly changing world, it's important to have modern furniture pieces that can grow with you. Alpha Furniture is committed to providing quality products and great prices for any budget while always staying true to their roots of making items specifically tailored for the needs of your home.

Alpha Furniture offers styles from contemporary sleek lines like those found in hotel lobbies all over the world or traditional classics made popular by our grandparents' generation - nobody will be left out! With an expansive selection carrying everything needed such as sofas, folding beds, dressers, and dining sets; there are no limits on what kind of living room or bedroom design one could create just get started browsing through photos online then head into the store today!