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Shiki Futon Mattresses

Long ago, futons were equated with cotton mattresses that were primarily used on the floor or on a basic bi-fold futon frame. However, Shiki Futon Mattresses have evolved quite a bit today and mattress manufacturers such as Serta, King Koil, Otis and others now produce a huge variety of Shiki Futon Mattresses that come in many categories and comfort levels to perfectly suit the needs and budget of any household! These include many types of Shiki Futon Mattresses such as innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses, memory foam futons, visco, wool, and coil Shiki Futon Mattresses.

To illustrate this breadth of variety and functionality, the innerspring futon has the appeal of a traditional mattress when placed on a platform bed but also has the added flexibility when placed on a comfortable futon frame since it can fold up like a sofa! In addition, a foam futon mattress can add new life to an original cotton mattress. Next, coils can enhance any futon mattress by giving you unparalleled comfort! Lastly, visco memory foam will contour the shape of your body when you dip into it for sleep so you can get lost in a world of comfortable paradise and utter bliss!

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