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Finish or Color

Black (21)
Blue (5)
Brown (34)
Dark Brown (11)
Gray (37)
Green (1)
Light Brown (10)
Purple (2)
Red (12)
White (6)


Fabric (22)
Faux Leather (14)
Glass (1)
Leather (5)
Vinyl (4)
Wood (33)

Sofa Type

Chair (18)
Loveseat (40)
Ottoman (3)
Sectional Sofa (7)
Sofa (57)

Product Type

Coffee Tables (9)
Ottoman (3)
Sofas (122)


Empire Furniture USA (134)

Price Range

$0 to $249.99 (3)
$250 to $499.99 (50)
$500 to $749.99 (61)
$750 to $999.99 (12)
$1000 to $1499.99 (4)
$1500 to $1999.99 (3)
$2000 to $2499.99 (1)

Empire Furniture USA

Empire Furniture USA (on certain markets known as Meridian Furniture, Meyan or Beyan) was established to serve high-quality products, and value-based prices for US based customers. At Empire Furniture they have a long history of great products being delivered with great service. Empire Furniture is just another proof of the commitment to quality service and product.

All the functions are easy and user-friendly. Sofas can be converted into beds or storage units can be used with least physical effort. The voice softly coming out of mechanism will guide you while functioning perfectly. When you lift up the seat unit from the front side just by the help of one hand, you will hear the first voice of mechanism which informs that sofa is ready to be converted into a bed. That's why they are also calling that sofabed mechanism a click-clack.

Empire Furniture has a warehouse in New Jersey, they are just a day's delivery from any East Coast city. Their warehouse has a full sampling of all of Empire Furniture's best-selling click-clacks and sofa beds. The focus is on selection and value. Empire Furniture is intent on making it easy to choose a click-clack. Each piece has a specific value range.