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I want to buy another item from this manufacturer but don't see it on your website. Can you order it?

Absolutely! However, sometimes you might see the picture on other website but it might be no longer available or discontinued. Therefore, in those instance we would not be able to order the item for you.

I've found this piece cheaper in some other store. Can you beat the price?

Our prices are already incredibly competitive. However, if you have found an identical product elsewhere at the lower offer, please contact us by phone (718) 928-0998 or email and we will beat the competitor's price. Keep in mind when comparing the prices make sure that the following are the same: brand, size, color/finish and the most important one is shipping. Read Entire Policy

The product's picture differs from it's listing. What color will I get? Will I get all the items shown in the pictures?

Please refer to the product's title, description and specification. All images are for reference only. When the product is available in several different options (color, items included etc.) it will be mentioned in description and you will be able to select your configuration using drop-down lists.

Do you buy or sell used/refurbished furniture?

No. To provide the best customer experience Futonland works directly with furniture manufacturers. That's why we only sell brand new products delivered as fast as possible. Futonland doesn't buy or sell any used or refurbished furniture.

Floor Samples presented on the website were only used for display purposes in our stores.

How do you usually ship your products?

For Nationwide Shipping we use Common Carrier option (curbside only, no assembly). Shipping costs will vary based on the State and order. The strong working relationships we have established with common carriers give us depth and flexibility in shipping. As needed, we will readily arrange delivery by express "overnight" service or white glove service. If you have any preferences, let us know using the Comment section at checkout. Read Entire Policy

How long does it usually take to receive an order?

You will be contacted shortly after placing your order with shipping information specific to your order and to schedule your delivery if applicable. Most of the products are available for next day shipment. Be sure to consult the product's Lead Time before you order with expedited shipping, and call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Occasionally, certain items (invariably the one you wanted most) sell out of stock and become back ordered. Shipping times vary depending on the manufacturer and your proximity to the warehouse. For items that are out of stock, we would let you know the approximate date when the items would be delivered. You should remember that the estimated Lead Time still applies before the item ships out. If you need a Rush Delivery — please call (718) 928-0998. Read Entire Policy

Will my order be shipped for free?

We want to keep your cost down and our pricing simple, that's why on selected items we provide Free Shipping. Free Shipping is indicated on the product detail page and covers the ground shipping in the continental United States. Simply look for the Free Shipping sign. We won't surprise you with any hidden charges or handling fees. The price you see in the shopping cart is the price you pay.

Can I pick up my order from a showroom instead of having it delivered?

Yes. Pickup is free and can be arranged in any of our showrooms located in New York City. When placing an order online, you can choose the pickup option and select the showroom you'd like to pick up your furniture from.

If I choose to pick up my merchandise will it all be assembled?

Since some of our products are shipped unassembled from the factory, the customer will be responsible for final assembly. Warehouse personnel will assist in loading merchandise on your vehicle, however we are not responsible for damages that occur during transport or unloading.

Will drop-off only be cheaper for me?

Yes. Home drop-off within New York City, Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City and North Bergen (without assembly) is FREE on orders over $599, $49 on orders up to $599. Additional handling charges for walk-ups may apply.

When ordering to other states please choose "Common Carrier" option as a Shipping Method. In this case you will get your items delivered to your curbside by UPS, FedEx, USPS or other Common Carrier. Read Entire Policy

Will you unpack and set this product up for me?

When you choose Home Delivery and Assembly or White Glove Service as your shipping method, delivery guys will not only bring ordered items to your place but assemble and setup them for you. Also they will remove and clean up all the packaging (boxes, wrapping material). Read Entire Policy

Do you provide White Glove Service?

White glove delivery is available for most seating and furniture products and includes delivery, set up, and trash haul away. If you need old chairs and desks hauled away as well, please let us know so that can be included in your quote for white glove services. Read Entire Policy

I've changed my mind and want my order to be cancelled. What do I do?

Once the order is placed and confirmed, we submit an order directly to the manufacturer. This typically occurs within a 48-hour period after an order is confirmed by the customer. Once this step has been completed the customer becomes financially obligated to purchase the ordered merchandise from the manufacturer. For this reason, we don't accept order cancellations once the 48-hour window has passed.

Any exception to this policy will be solely at the discretion of Futonland management. In the event that Futonland management agrees to proceed with the cancellation of an order, the customer may be responsible for a cancellation or restocking fee as well as any shipping and handling fees that may apply. Read Entire Policy

I've placed an order more than a month ago but didn't receive it. Can I cancel it?

If for any reason you have not received an item within 4 weeks, and if you desire to cancel the transaction, we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price at your request, provided that the item is not currently in transit to or from our shipping facility. Read Entire Policy

What happens if I receive my piece damaged?

Our primary mission is to provide an outstanding customer service and delivery best quality merchandise to all our customers. Unfortunately there are rare occasions when due to manufacture defect and freight mishandling the item could come slightly defected. Please do not refuse the shipment, be sure to note all the damages with driver at that time and email us with 24 hours brief description and few images of defective or damage part(s) and we will expedite the redelivery of a new part or entire item if necessary at no extra cost to you. Read Entire Policy

What happens if I don't like the product I've received?

We are so sure that you will love our quality products that we offer you our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any single item purchased (excluding clearance specials, items sold as-is, custom or special orders), you may return the item for a refund within 30 days from the day you receive the item, no questions asked. The refund amount will be the full purchase price of the item less a restocking charge (shipping is not refundable, see policies for complete details).

The item must be in its original (new) condition and packaging and prior authorization (RMA#) must be arranged by phone (718) 928-0998 or emailing Read Entire Policy

Do you provide International Shipping? Do you ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

Commonly we only ship our multi-functional furniture and mattresses within 48 Contiguous United States (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and District of Columbia).

This is mostly because our warehouses are located in New York City and shipping costs out of Contiguous US could exceed the product's costs. So if you want your order to be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada — please call us at (718) 928-0998 or email to and we will estimate your shipping options. Read Entire Policy

Product Questions

Does the product have a warranty?

All products sold have one year warranty provided by the manufacturer unless otherwise specified. Other restrictions may apply.

How do I know if I need a sectional facing left or right?

Sectional sofas consist of two or more separate upholstered pieces that connect together to form one sofa. When you look directly at the sectional sofa, and the chaise is on your right hand side, thats what we call facing right chaise. It would the same if your are considering a sectional with facing left chaise.

What is a futon lounger?

Futon Lounger is your best solution for a small space and the need to accommodate an option to sleep. There are three futon lounger sizes.

The Twin Lounger is the smallest frame available, and becomes the size of a twin bed. This two-piece frame comes with it's own ottoman, with folding legs for easy storage! When used together, the love seat and ottoman convert to a twin size bed. The two mattresses sizes are 39" x 54" and 39" x 21". Overall width ranges from 41" to 50.5".

The Full Lounger is perfect for tight spaces but has the size of a full size bed. This two-piece frame comes with a stow-away ottoman, simply fold up and store underneath the love seat! When used together, the love seat and ottoman convert to a full size bed. The two mattresses sizes are 54" x 54" and 54" x 21". Overall width ranges from 55.5" to 65".

The Queen Lounger is another space-saving option for those that want a queen size bed. This two-piece frame also comes with a stow-away ottoman for convenient storage. When used together, the queen love seat and ottoman convert to a queen size bed. The two mattress sizes are 60" x 54" and 60" x 26". Overall width ranges from 61.5" to 71". Read More

What is the difference between King size and California King size beds?

California King size is 4" longer and 4" narrower than King (Eastern King) size. Read More

What are the Twin/Full and Queen/King sizes?

Twin/Full size is usually applied to a adjustable metal bed frames. The standard size of the Twin mattress is 39" x 75" and the standard size for Full mattress is 54" x 75". Therefore, adjustable metal bed frames can be used for a Twin mattress and also can be expanded to accommodate a Full size as well.

Queen/King size is also usually applied to a adjustable metal bed frames. The standard size for a Queen mattress is 60" x 80" and the standard size for a King size mattress is 76" x 80". Once again, in this case the adjustable metal bed frame can be used for a Queen mattress and can be expanded to accommodate a King size mattress as well.

What are the Full XL and Twin XL sizes?

The Full XL bed is 54" wide and 80" long. It is the same width as a regular full bed, but has 5 extra inches of length.

Twin XL beds, or Extra Long Twin beds, are commonly found in college dorms and hospitals. These beds are the same same width as a regular Twin bed, only they provide 5 extra inches of length measuring 39 x 80 inches. Read More

What are the Cotton Print, Microsuede, Chenille, Heavy Texture Futon Cover options in futon sets?

All our futon sets have Solid Collection Futon Cover included. You can choose between standard color options or select Cotton Print, Microsuede, Chenille or Heavy Texture if you want to upgrade your cover option.

When you select a non-solid color cover with your package — specify the style in comment box at checkout. Our customer service representative will contact you to confirm the selected style.

What are the measurements for the futon covers? Is there a zipper?

Futon covers are hand made and fit perfectly on mattresses of appropriate sizes with thickness of about 6 to 8 Inch. Most of our futon covers come with three way zipper. Futon covers with zippers are very easy to get futon mattresses into. You do not have to worry about getting the edges perfectly lined up, you just zip.

What's included in pillow/bonus packs?

Pillow pack includes 2 pillows and a cover, bonus pack - 2 pillows, 2 bolsters and a cover.

Why do you sell sample swatches?

Sample swatches are sold for futon covers only in order to give our customer an opportunity to make a right choice in choosing the futon cover.

Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes

Twin (Single) 39" x 75"

Most common for children's rooms, daybeds, trundle units and hideaways. Approximate width per person: 39".

Twin Extra Long (Twin XL) 39" x 80"

Is generally used in college dorm rooms and is 5" longer than a standard twin. Bedding may be harder to find and available only a limited variety of styles. Approximate width per person: 39".

Full (Double) 54" x 75"

Full size beds are only 15" wider than Twin beds. This won't leave much elbow room for 2 adults (each will have only 27" of width vs. 39" in a Twin bed). Also, a Full bed is only 75" long which may be too short for some adults. But, this size is a good option for a guest room or as a child's step-up mattress. Approximate width per person: 27".

Full Extra Long (Full XL) 54" x 80"

Full Extra Long size beds are 5" longer than Full beds. Bedding may be harder to find and available only a limited variety of styles. Approximate width per person: 27".

Queen 60" x 80"

Currently the dominant size bed in America, Queen Beds are 6" wider (and 5" longer) than a Full size bed. These added inches can make all the difference in comfort, but each adult still has 9" less than the width of a standard Twin bed. However, it's a good choice for guest rooms and smaller master bedrooms. Can use standard pillows or the slightly larger queen size pillows. Approximate width per person: 30".

King (Eastern King) 76" x 80"

King beds are growing in popularity. King is about 16" wider than a Queen bed. Both are about 80" long. The Eastern King is the only bed to give each person the same width as a Twin bed. In fact you can push 2 Extra-Long Twin beds together to be the same size as an Eastern King. This is a good way to have a versatile guest room (use 2 twins separately or push together to make a king bed for couples). An Eastern King bed comes with one mattress and two half-width box springs to be more manageable when moving. Approximate width per person: 38".

California King (Western King) 72" x 84"

California King is 12" wider than a Queen bed but adds 4" in length. This may be a better choice for taller adults. This size is sometimes known as the "Western King". Bedding may be labeled either "California King" or "Western King". A California King bed set comes with one mattress and two half-width box springs to be more manageable when moving. Approximate width per person: 36".

Mattress Set Components

Mattress Set Components

How to Choose a Futon

Futons are flexible and foldable frames with mattresses that double as couches. The style you buy will depend on whether it will be used as a couch, a bed or both, depending on the needs of their owners.

Futons fold flat when needed for sleeping and sit upright for use as a chair or sofa. It is necessary to keep both potential uses for the piece in mind when choosing a futon.

  1. Measure the space available for your futon in the desired room. The measurements are necessary to ensure that your futon can lie completely flat without leaning into walls or other furniture.
  2. Consider the materials you would like for your futon. Basic metal frames are inexpensive and great for dorm rooms but look out of place as part of a wooden living room or bedroom set. Wood and metal are the two most common futon frame types.
  3. Choose a frame model from a variety of futons in different styles, colors and price points. Choose between a Bi-fold and Lounger frame. A Lounger is folded twice and uses the width of the mattress as the couch. A Bi-fold is folded once and uses the length of the mattress as the couch, providing more seat room.
    Check the mechanism used in a frame, ease with which you can change its position. Inexpensive frames may look nice but may also be very difficult to operate.
  4. Select a futon mattress according to thickness and comfort. Inexpensive mattresses may be so thin that you are able to feel the frame beneath. Thicker mattresses are more comfortable but may be harder to fold and more expensive. Also see what the futon mattress is made of — usually either cotton, a cotton-foam combination, a cotton-polyester blend or a cotton-wool combination.
    • Get a futon made of cotton and foam if you're looking for a mattress that weighs less. This combination also holds its shape and doesn't sag.
    • Try a cotton-polyester blend if you're looking for an even lighter mattress. It's flexible and soft and holds its shape.
    • Think about buying a cotton-wool combination if you want a supersoft mattress. But keep in mind that cotton-wool is not very flexible.
    • Consider an innerspring mattress made of a spring unit that sits between layers of foam and cotton. It's flexible and gives the feel of a traditional mattress. However, it does weigh more than the cotton and cotton-combination futon mattresses.
  5. Purchase a washable cover, pillows and other accessories to protect your investment and accent your décor.

For your convenience we offer great deals on futon sets that come with a futon frame, a mattress, a non-slip pad and optional covers and pillows because all of them are necessary parts of the futon.

Now when you know how to choose a Futon right for you let's look closer at the main components. For your Futon you will need 3 main parts:

Futon Frame

Futon Mattress

Futon Cover

Futon Set
Most of the Futon Frames include a Futon Body and a set of Arms. Though sometimes the Futon Frame doesn't need arms. In any case first of all you need to choose which kind of body you need according to your wall space and the way of use.

Futon Bodies

All the different types of futons can be broken down into two categories: Bi-fold or Lounger. Bi-fold frames have 2 body panels: the Sitting Cushion and the Backrest Cushion. Some manufacturers offer matching ottoman as an option to the frame. Lounger futons also known as Loveseats or Space-Savers because they have an additional leg part (Lounge extension) that folds into the frame and hides between the futon base and seat deck.

Bi-Fold Body

Lounger Body

Bi-fold Futon Futon Lounger
Full Size Bi-fold body with arms included.
Twin Size Lounger body with arms and optional drawer.

Futon Loveseats are great for providing the maximum sleeping and sitting space in the minimum of floor space. They are ideal for small guest rooms, home-offices, porches or any other space where the wall space needed for a full-size bifold frame just isn't there.

With a full-size Loveseat, you can fit a conventional full-size bed (54" x 75") into 60" of wall space. With a twin-size Loveseat, you can fit a conventional twin-size bed (39" x 75") into 45" of wall space.

Futon Frame Bed Position Futon Frame Bed Position
Bi-fold body in Lounge and Bed positions.
Lounger body in Bed positions.
Both Bi-fold and Lounger Futons could be folded to bed position. To fold a futon to bed position lift up the sitting cushion of the futon. The futon is usually broken down into two main parts: the Sitting Cushion and the Backrest Cushion. When the futon is in the couch position, simply lift up the frame supporting the sitting cushion and the futon will open up into a bed.

When the futon is in a bed position and you want to fold it into a couch, lift the Sitting Cushion first and then fold the backrest in.

Futon Set in Seating, Lounge and Sleep Positions Futon Set in Seating, Lounge and Sleep Positions
Bi-fold futon with ottoman in Seating,
Lounge and Bed positions.
Lounger body in Seating, Lounge and Bed positions,
lounger mattress storage suggestion.
When you use your Futon in Seating position without legs part (Ottoman for Bi-fold or Sleeper for Lounger) you can easily store it away. For Bi-fold Futon Ottoman is a separate piece and can be used as a bench. Lounger Sleeper folds into the Futon Frame. Sleeper Mattress can be easily stored away behind it. Mattress will fit between your Futon Frame and a wall.
Futon Frame Drawers and Tables
The full Futon Set with Tables and Drawers.
To gain some more storage space for your room you can also buy an optional set of sliding Futon Drawers to your futon frame. Drawers come in standard sizes and fit under futon sitting cushion.

Also several futon frames come with Drop-Leaf parts included in a futon frame. Generally a Drop-Leaf frame features two side panels attached to the arms, these panels are hinged and so can be extended to small side tables.

Some Manufacturers also offer matching coffee tables and other accessories for their Frames.

Futon Sizes

Futon Body Size measures by the standard size of it's mattress. While Futon Mattresses have the same dimensions as Conventional Mattresses they come in split sizes for Lounger and Split bodies.
Mattress Sizes

Futon Mattresses

Choosing the right futon mattress is easy once you understand how the filling materials cause the mattress to react differently to the weight of the human body and other criteria. The following graph should help you determine which futon mattress will perform best for your personal needs and application.

Please use this guide wisely. It is meant to help you understand how the product will perform, not judge its quality or value.

Mattress Sizes
Consider how often someone will sleep on the futon. If you plan to only occasionally use it as a bed, perhaps as a guest bed, consider getting a less expensive futon mattress, such as a cotton-filled one. If you plan on using it nightly, you should splurge on a high-quality mattress.

Cotton, foam and fiber

Basic futon mattresses are made of mostly cotton. A layer of foam is sometimes added to sustain the rigidity of the futon. Usually, the more cotton the mattress contains, the heavier and firmer it becomes. Cotton gets compressed over time and becomes hard and lumpy. This requires flipping and patting to break up the cotton fibers that have become hard and compacted over use. The more foam used, the better. The category of futons tends to be the most economical in price. The more foam that is added, the better is the futon. And when a layer of wool is encased over the cotton, it increases the comfort level and helps retain the shape of the mattress. Wool over cotton keeps your body cooler in the summer and warm in the winter and provides a springier feel for sitting and sleeping.

Innersprings, Pocket Coils

Futons have advanced quite a bit in comfort. Innerspring futons provide that conventional mattress feel and keeps that added space between your body and the slats. The Pocket Coil mattress has individually wrapped coils which prevents motion transfer and increases the longevity of coil to retain its shape. Unlike cheaper innerspring conventional mattresses, these futons have an encased perimeter so it will hold its shape better while using it as a sofa. Innerspring futons are recommended for those active singles and couples. Our Galaxy mattress by Otis has a more firmer feel and a little less bounce than our Pocketed Coil by King Koil. The Galaxy and Millenium futon mattresses use High Density layers of foam encasing these coils. These premium futon mattresses have a life span of 10 plus years.

Memory Foam

Visco memory foam is polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It was developed in 1966 under a contract by NASA's Ames Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Futons that use Visco foam usually contain anywhere from 1-4 inches layers of Visco memory foam over multiple layers of high density foam and a cotton/polyester batting underneath for added support. With memory foam, the futon mattress tucks snug on the frame and makes it easier for it to bend when opening and closing the frame. This category of futon mattresses is perfect for every day sitting. It feels like sitting on a normal sofa and the cushion keeps its shape without leaving any body imprints. This can also be used for everyday sleeping. It’s like having a memory foam topper but already constructed within the futon mattress. Some people are not big fans of memory foam for sleeping, but it is highly recommended for every day use as a sofa and provides superior comfort for your occasional guest.


Latex has become the current "hot" product, though, is that it is a uniquely comfortable sleep surface. Latex is both a very dense surface, but also because of its elastic properties, still has a yielding, giving, and conforming quality. So for those that just haven't been able to get a good night's sleep or have unrelieved pain issues, a latex mattress is a top of the line alternative that has a very different feel, offers unparalleled comfort and support, that may well do the trick. Cotton mattresses, much like futon mattresses, pack down over time and get much firmer, and while wool makes a very nice comfort layer, you still need a good mattress "core" or base, to layer the wool on top of.

Foam and Polyester

Foam futon mattresses do not use a cotton encasement but rather polyester. Polyester is lighter in weight and is a synthetic material that provides a plush surface and helps retain the shape of the futon. These futons are manufactured in the USA and are considered the best of futon mattresses. They simply don’t bottom out. The following mattresses are priced based on the number of layers of foam used. The more layers in the mattress, the better it’s comfort. The Haley 110 is highly recommended for those who want a real firm/soft sofa like feel for sitting and a firm and supportive feel for sleeping. These futons are built to last over 10 years and provide the most superior level of back support and comfort. Because cotton is not used, the high density foam has a little bounce to it a more cushioned feel. The Moonshadow is made similar to the Haley 110 but has more of a plush feel for those that like it just a bit softer. These futons are also recommended for platform beds and can also withstand the weight for people of 200 lbs and up without bottoming out over long term use.